Time optimization

Robust & Field-proof



topobag optimizes your time

TOPOBAG is so much more than just a bag! More than anything, it’s a productivity tool that will help you be more efficient during all your field interventions: topographic, boundary or hydrographic surveys and measurements.

Designed to minimize physical strain and reduce the appearance of musculoskeletal conditions, TOPOBAG will help you gain in efficiency while staying well within the recommended daily maintenance and weight-lifting norms. Whether you are a surveyor, a topographer or a contractor, it will make your work more comfortable and will be an invaluable tool for a more streamlined teamwork.

Engineered to withstand the most difficult conditions and the toughest weather, TOPOBAG is made of Tarpaulin cloth, one of the most robust and tear-resistant materials, making it waterproof and pressure-washable.

TOPOBAG is just as much a technical and productivity tool as it is a security device: it is equipped with reflective bands to ensure the user a proper visibility while out in the field.