Fences & plant support : TOPOBAG will keep you in a straight line!

Agriculture (Wineries & Farming)



Created BY and FOR surveyors.

Engineered to optimize intervention times during surveying and topographical work, the TOPOBAG technical bag is the result of a collaboration between experienced tradesmen and skilled manufacturers.

After years of product development, fine-tuning and testing in real-life conditions, you can trust TOPOBAG to be your new all-terrain field partner.

With TOPOBAG, gather all your necessary work tools and materials in one place: Paint canisters, marking pens, scale ruler, measuring tape, survey markers & nails, plans and mandatory documents, survey stakes, hammer, and more!

With its 40-liter capacity, TOPOBAG can help you carry between 25 and 40 survey stakes of the most widely-used cross-sections and of various lengths – up to 80-cm long!